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Newborn photoGolden Hour Initiative

Clinical interventions for resuscitation and stabilization in the first 90 minutes of life affect infant outcomes. Hospital teams participating in the Golden Hour Initiative work to improve outcomes of infants requiring resuscitation and stabilization by implementing evidenced-based practices for the first hours of life.

Appropriate fetal and newborn interventions at the time of delivery and immediately after delivery are critical to improve the outcomes and applicable to neonates of all gestational ages. Those interventions include delayed cord clamping, thermoregulation and oxygenation and require well-coordinated care among the services and providers, particularly within the first 90 minutes of life, referred to as the “Golden Hour.” ILPQC has successfully implemented the Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW) hypothermia project and has sustained the effect of this initiative since 2009.

Initiative Aims

By December 2017:

  • Increase use of prebrief, debrief, and delivery room checklist to 80% or greater
  • Increase use of delivery room continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to 70% or greater, timely administration of surfactant to 80% or greater, and utilization of timed cord clamping to 80% or greater
  • Increase pre-delivery family contact, family presence during resuscitation and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) admission to 90% or greater
  • Standardize admission processes, increase timely administration of intravenous glucose and antibiotics within one hour of birth to 80% or greater and increase number of infants with admission temperature in normal range (36.5-37.5oC)


Neonatal Leadership Team

Dr. Leslie Caldarelli
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital
Dr. Justin Josephsen
Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital

Slide Sets

IIllinois Neonatal Golden Hour Face-to-Face Collaborative Learning Session – May 22, 2017

Illinois Golden Hour Neonatal Teams Calls

Shared Resources from Participating Teams


The Every Change Matters™ Nurse Education Program takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and includes important content on development diapering for both full- and preterm infants, a video, knowledge surveys and a certificate of completion. It can be found on the Huggies Healthcare website under “Clinical Resources” on the Every Change Matters™ page, here:


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