OB Initiative: Sign Up for REDCap Access

ILPQC is getting hospitals ready to begin data collection. Hospitals will need to submit information to get REDCap user IDs to access the database.
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In the News...

Preconception Maternal Diet Linked to Birth Outcomes
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What a woman eats before she becomes pregnant affects her child’s health for life
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Early Deliveries Fine for FedEx and UPS – Not So Much for Babies!
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The IRB protocol that has been approved...

Below is a copy of the IRB protocol that has been approved for ILPQC by Northwestern University. Please note that this is an umbrella IRB that covers the data submitted by participating hospitals to ILPQC and housed at Northwestern University. Participating hospitals do not need to apply for IRB approval at their institutions because the data collected is for quality improvement activities and no protected health information (PHI) is being used. For more information on quality improvement activities, please visit http://answers.hhs.gov/ohrp/categories/1569.

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Featured Partner Announcement

Midwest Business Group on Health’s
"Preventing Early Elective Deliveries" Consumer Education Campaign

For the past year, Midwest Business Group on Health has been working with a collaborative of hospitals, physician, health plan, employer, community, media and governmental groups on various aspects of this project to reduce the number of early C-sections and inductions performed in Illinois for non-medical reasons. 

Their consumer education campaign began April 28th and runs through the end of May. Their focus is around Mother’s Day.

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Engage perinatal stakeholders across disciplines and at every level to improve the quality of perinatal care and health outcomes for Illinois women and infants using improvement science and evidence-based practice guidelines.


A statewide perinatal quality collaborative that involves all perinatal stakeholders; utilizes data-driven, evidence-based practices; improves perinatal quality resulting in improved birth outcomes, improved health for women and infants, and decreased costs; builds on Illinois’ existing state-mandated Regionalized Perinatal System, and operates with long-term sustainable funding.