Patient and Family Engagement Initiative

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The Patient and Family Engagement focus aims to build support among hospital teams for family engagement in ILPQC’s quality improvement initiatives and provide tools for the recruitment, training, and engagement of patients as valued and active members of quality improvement teams.

Recently, ILPQC is working with the Preeclampsia Foundation, March of Dimes, and Hand to Hold to identify passionate volunteers to serve as Patient Advisors for hospital teams. We know that patient engagement in healthcare results in better quality of care and patient experience. Patient stories can help to contextualize the patient experience for hospital providers and staff involved in quality improvement. Patient perspective will help to identify key areas where patient care can be improved from patient education materials to processes for setting up follow up appointments.


We hope to see more collaboration in quality improvement efforts as this pilot program of connecting Patient Advisors with hospitals is incorporated into all of our initiatives.  


Resources shared in our August 2017 QI Topic Call on Patient and Family Engagement:

Information about PQCNC's Patient / Family Engagement Project: .

PQCNC's Patient Safety Toolkit : Partnering with Patients and Families to Enhance Safety and Quality

AHRQ's Strategies for Working with Patients and Families as Advisors:

Patient Advisors: How to implement a process forinvolvement at all levels of governance in a healthcare organization: 


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